Tea latte anyone? Our new CHAI LATTE heart bombs are here just in time for Valentine's Day!These sweet Geo-Heart shells are made with Ghiradelli White Chocolate, and filled with quality Spicy Chai Tea Latte mix. We opted to add mini marshmallows to give you that "explosive" effect found in traditional Cocoa Bombs. Each heart is then topped off with assorted Valentine's Day Sprinkles*. *Colors/decor variesPlace heart in a mug, slowly pour steamed* milk into mug and watch as the Geo-Heart "explodes" or melts to give you fun and tasty cup of hot Chai Tea Latte. ***USE CAUTION WHEN USING STEAMED MILK*** *****CHOCOLATE MELTS - PLEASE KEEP IN A COOL PLACE AND OUT OF THE SUN and HEAT*****

Chai Latte Bombs

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    Chai Latte Bombs - decorated with a variety of Sprinkles. Each Chai bomb is individually packaged - please indicate if you need an instruction tag for each. 


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